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Live from the stage/my workspace

That's me, Benj. I'm a Graphic Designer from Perth, Western Australia.

Shortly after completing my studies I jumped on a plane for what I thought was going to be a holiday to Europe, little did I know I wouldn't be returning to Perth anytime soon. While abroad I picked up my British passport which gave me the opportunity to relocate to London, an opportunity I couldn't turn down. The year I spent in London was a pretty crazy experience for someone coming from the most isolated capital city in the world and it sure was an eye-opener.

After spending the first half of 2018 in Perth I developed severely itchy feet (not the skin condition), and despite persuasion from family and friends, I booked a flight to Berlin where I currently reside. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad lifestyle being able to mosey on down to the beach every day, but being fortunate enough to have a dual citizenship has opened up a world of opportunities I'd be foolish not to take.